Why You Need Regular A/C Maintenance In Your Car Auto Service Cambridge

You will be glad the car’s A/C maintenance is taken care of when you drive to work tomorrow or take the children to soccer practice. Regular maintenance of a vehicle’s air conditioning unit keeps your family safe by preventing you from becoming a drowsy and losing focus on a hot day. And you get to your destination feeling fresh. What other reasons does your car need regular air conditioning (A/C) maintenance?

NOTE: Our auto service shop in Cambridge Ontario is prepared to assist with A/C and heating system service and repair services, provided by our experienced, professional and certified auto mechanics.

Ensured Peak Performance

Are you suddenly hearing a funny noise when you switch on the air conditioner, and it’s just not blowing as cold as it used to, no matter how low you set the temperature? It is time to get your car’s air conditioner serviced. To ensure the peak performance of your vehicle, its A/C system also needs to perform optimally.

Do you know that slight pull you feel when starting your car while the air conditioning is on? That is the A/C drawing power from your car’s engine. And when the maintenance schedule is delayed, it further strains the vehicle’s engine. With the computerization of today’s cars, it is best to use the services of professionals like Special Interest Automobiles in Cambridge to perform the specialized maintenance an A/C requires.

The Air Quality In Your Car is Kept Fresh

Cars have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, just like your house and office building. Regular maintenance is required to keep the air quality in your car fresh, including replacing the cabin air filter. Air filters prevent pollen, bacteria, exhaust gasses, dust, and other debris from entering the air conditioning system. Do you have allergy sufferers in your family? Consider taking the vehicle for an A/C service more often.

How can you contribute to keeping the air quality in your car fresh and cutting the strain on the air conditioner? Wipe the dashboard, console, door panels and other surfaces with a damp cloth. Vacuum mats, the carpeted floor, and upholstery regularly, and clean spills up immediately to prevent mould growth. Check that the door and window weather-stripping seal properly. Specialist Interest Automobiles Cambridge offers detailing services if you don’t have time to clean the vehicle.

Your Car’s Value Can Be Stabilized

Energy costs, including gas prices, are consistently increasing. Maintaining a vehicle’s fuel economy requires regular auto services, including A/C and heating repairs. Because the air conditioner draws power from a car’s engine, it causes strain. When the components of an HVAC system, whether the cabin air filter, condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, or dryer, are not in a good condition, the engine works extra hard. This affects other parts of the engine, wearing them down unnecessarily. Performing preventative maintenance on the A/C systems limits future costly repairs, decreases the car’s energy consumption, and stabilizes its value.

How Often Should You Do It?

Are you wondering how often you should have your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced? Annual maintenance is recommended, but if family members have allergies, attend to it more regularly. What will the comprehensive A/C evaluation offered by Specialist Interest Automobiles Cambridge include, although not the complete list?

  • Internal controls examination
  • Compressor belt inspection
  • A system, leaks, or other damages inspection
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Measuring vent air temperature
  • Ensuring the A/C pressure aligns with manufacturer specifications.

Don’t wait until there is a bad smell when switching on the A/C or it does not work. Have regular maintenance performed on your car, including the HVAC system, and you will get value from your vehicle for many years.

Special Interest Automobiles has been your trusted auto service technician in Cambridge since 1985. We follow fair business practices and only use high-quality car parts backed by the best warranties. When last were the tires of your vehicle rotated? We perform tire maintenance services that keep your family safe. Do you need A/C maintenance done? Contact Special Interest Automobiles in Cambridge today.