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There is no getting around it: car engines get dirty. Specifically, they accumulate plenty of grease. Degreasing your car engine is not just a cosmetic matter. It is a very important maintenance task that helps you keep your car running better for longer.

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Here is what you need to know about clearing built-up grease from your engine and why it is so important. 

– Here’s WHY you should degrease your engine

Let’s start with the most obvious point: degreasing your engine simply makes it look much better. Even if you wash the outside of your car thoroughly, it is never a good look when you raise the hood, only to reveal a filthy engine. This is especially true if you are selling your car: a buyer wants to see a beautifully clean vehicle, inside and out. If you take your car for a quick engine-degreasing session before showing it to a potential buyer, it could make a significant difference to your selling price. 

However, as we have already noted, degreasing is not just about appearances. It can also improve performance. The more grime and grease build-up you remove from your engine, the lower the chances that debris can find its way into your filters. Clean filters help your engine to run more smoothly, thus making them more efficient.

Cleaning the engine can also help you or a technician do a better, more thorough job of maintaining or repairing your car. When the grime is removed, it becomes easier to spot leaks and other problem areas. Diagnosis and repair can be done more quickly and accurately.

– Why Is It Important To Clean Engine Parts?

A thorough engine cleaning provides a variety of benefits:

  • You can spot any leaks, faults or damage that may be hiding under grease and dirt.
  • You can remove salt and debris that may lead to corrosion and reduce the lifespan of your engine components if left to accumulate. Grease is not the only problem. Carbon, all kinds of dirt and debris, as well as rust, can build up over time and cause more problems than they are worth.
  • You will remove any debris that might cause hot spots on your engine parts. Hot spots can shorten the lives of your components.
  • If leaves or oil collect in your engine, they could become a fire hazard. With cleaning, you eliminate this risk. 
  • A clean engine just makes your car more beautiful and presentable.
  • A clean engine will also boost the car’s resale value.

– Here’s WHEN you should degrease your engine</H2 >

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the frequency of degreasing. It depends on what car you drive, the model, make – and especially, age. It also depends on how often you drive and in what conditions. That being said, there is a general rule of thumb you can follow: aim to degrease your engine every 10,000 to 16,000km or so – the same time you would typically do an oil change.

– How to clean an engine

Engine degreasing is a reasonably easy job. An auto service technician will normally do it before beginning maintenance or repair work, and some car owners even choose to do the job at home. The work must be done on a cool engine, so it should be left to stand for a while after driving.

First, any plastic covers are removed from under the hood. These can be cleaned separately. Next, it is a good idea to cover up any electrical components with plastic sheeting. This will prevent the battery, ignition wires and control unit from getting wet. 

Next, the entire engine compartment is sprayed with an automotive degreaser. Some people do use ordinary household degreasing detergents, but purpose-made products are far more effective. Some smaller areas may need to be scrubbed to remove particularly stubborn grease build-up. The engine is then rinsed with a power washer and dried before the covers are removed and the plastic parts are replaced. You can keep your engine cleaner between degreasing sessions by applying a protectant. This helps to give the engine a little extra shine and guards the plastics and rubbers against dirt and decay. 

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