Ceramic Coatings Require Regular Car Washes Auto Detailing Cambridge

Many car owners choose to apply ceramic coatings to their vehicles. It is a great choice, as ceramic coatings help to protect a car’s paintwork and keep it in showroom condition for years.

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However, you may have noticed that most detailing professionals who offer ceramic coatings recommend regular washes. Why is this? Many people think applying a ceramic coat should allow you to wash your car less frequently. The opposite is true. This is because regular washing enables car owners to maintain a ceramic coating’s optimal functional aspects, such as the ‘self-cleaning effect’ (staying cleaner for longer) and the ability for fast and easy cleaning. The more often a vehicle is washed, the longer, and more optimally the characteristics of the coating will perform over time.

– What’s a ceramic coating? 

A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that bonds to a car’s paintwork to create an added layer of protection. It has highly hydrophobic qualities, which prevents dirt from sticking to a vehicle, and makes it easier to clean contaminants off. Ceramic coatings make your car easier to clean and protect your paintwork from harsh sunlight and chemical pollutants. It also prevents swirl marks and scratches from forming. You also won’t have to wash your car as often as you would if it didn’t have a coating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it. Regular washes will help your ceramic coating to do its job better. 

Ceramic coatings are not, as is commonly believed, an alternative to clear bra, aka paint protection film, although the two treatments have some similar qualities. Ceramic coatings can best be described as an alternative to waxing. The main idea is to create a hydrophobic layer, making it difficult for dirt to stick to the car’s paintwork.

– What Is the Best Car Wash For a Ceramic Coating?

Whatever car wash method you choose for your ceramic-coated car, it is essential that a pH-neutral shampoo is used. The shampoo must be gentle on the protective coating. Steer clear of harsh car wash detergents and all-purpose cleaners. Ceramic coatings are durable, and they can withstand automatic car washes. However, if you take your vehicle to an automated car wash, choose a touchless one that does not use abrasive detergents or harsh brushes. 

– How Do You Wash a Ceramic Coated Car?

As mentioned above, if you want to take your car to an automatic car wash, choose a touchless one instead. However, washing by hand is preferable for those who are particularly scrupulous about maintaining their ceramic coatings. Remember to wash your car in a place protected from direct sunshine. Choose non-abrasive and pH-neutral cleaning materials. It is also advisable to use the two-bucket method. This system uses one bucket for your shampoo solution and another to rinse your sponge or wash mitt. Dry the vehicle using a microfiber towel. These pick up microscopic materials, bacteria, and germs while also dry without leaving any streaks or watermarks.

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