How to make the best out of your tires

Your tires are your car’s only point of contact with the road. As such, they are subject to a lot of wear and tear, as well as potential hazards. As well as replacing tires regularly, you should also take good care of them during their lifetime and check them regularly. Most motorists make the same kinds of mistakes when it comes to maintaining their tires. Here are four of the most common things you might be doing wrong when it comes to your car tires.

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Not Checking Your Tires When They’re Cold

It is vital to check the pressure in your car tires regularly – once a month, at least – but here’s the thing: the checks should be done when the tires are cold – first thing in the morning, for example. As the tires get hotter – after a significant amount of time on the road, or after sitting in the sun all day, for example, the pressure inside the tires increases. If you take a reading on your tire pressure at this time, it won’t be as accurate as it should be. Doing the reading when the tires are cold will give you the most accurate reading.

Driving With A Flat Tire

If you have a flat tire and decide to continue driving for any considerable length of time, you are putting your tires, and your vehicle itself, at risk of severe damage. Even a flat is caused by a puncture, the hole can easily be repaired. If you keep driving, however, the damage done to the tire will be irreparable. The initial puncture may expand and the sidewalls are likely to rupture. Several other important components are also at risk, though: brake lines, rotors, callipers, suspension components, wheels and fenders can all get damaged if you drive on a flat tire. If any of these parts should be affected, it will not only lead to expensive repairs. Your safety could be severely compromised if you drive in a car in which any of these parts are compromised.

Over-Inflating Your Tires

Over-inflated tires cannot perform safely, because they can’y maintain sufficient contact with the road surface. In addition, overinflating tires puts more pressure on their structure, which will shorten their lifespan. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding tire pressure on your vehicle and be sure to keep the tires inflated to this exact level at all times.

Not Replacing Them Often Enough

Tires have a limited lifespan. True: they may last for several years, but they will wear out and need replacing eventually. After installing a new set of tires, have them checked and rotated at least once a year. With your regular checks, the tire technicians will tell you what condition they are in and how much longer you can continue to use them. When they approach the end of their lifespan, replace them as soon as possible. Worn-out tires are a serious safety hazard. 

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