car detailing service CambridgeA car detailing service can bring a car back to a showroom shine. Learn what to expect from a car detailing service here.

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What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing or auto detailing is the process of cleaning the exterior and interior of a vehicle and other minor repairs. It involves a professional who uses expert techniques to clean, polish, and dust your entire vehicle to perfection. A car detailing service is important as it helps to improve your vehicle’s appearance.

Car detailing is not merely just a car wash job. When it comes to car detailing, a systematic approach is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is kept looking good, that the vehicle’s life is extended and that it is protected from damage. The approaches used cannot be found in a regular car wash and requires proper technique, maintenance, and restoration of vehicles. The result is a vehicle that looks as if it was taken from a showroom.

What Car Detailing Services are Included in Professional Car Detailing?

Depending on the auto detailer you visit, car detailing services include full interior detailing and exterior car detailing services. Here’s what goes down during each stage:

Interior Car Cleaning

A wide range of products is used in the exterior detailing of a vehicle. In general, interior cleaning involves deep cleaning and restoration of the interior to achieve the original condition of the vehicle’s interior surface. The process includes the use of paint and chrome trim to give the vehicle its gloss. The products used are based on the condition of the vehicle or the detailers you visit. These can include degreasers, Clay, silicone, waxes, polishes, and buffers. Vacuuming is the traditional method of cleaning but hard-to-remove stains may require the use of cleaning tools such as steam cleaning, foam chemicals, and microfiber towels.

A step-by process of the interior detailing:

– A professional will vacuum and shampoo all upholstery, such as the inside carpets and leather. A special car shampoo that removes dirt is generally used.
– All leather upholstery is also scrubbed and shampooed to remove stains.
– Interior car detailing on the windows will then take place. Professional glass cleaners are used during this process.
– The engine bay is often cleaned with a degreaser.
– All silicone and rubber are then dressed to prevent damage from occurring.

Exterior Car Cleaning

Like interior cleaning, the exterior cleaning of the vehicle requires specific products with the aim of cleaning and restoring the vehicle to its original condition. The exterior of the car refers to the wheels, tires, chrome trim, and any other visible exterior surface of the car. The detailers or customers have a choice between products used but in general, the products used are detergents and degreasers. Silicone can be used for tires. Buffing is done to polish surfaces and improves the glossiness of the paint. Microfibre towels are used to carefully and thoroughly dry the car.

A step-by process of the exterior detailing:

– First, a basic car washing process occurs with water and soap to remove mud and dirt from the outside of your car.

– Special cleaning products are then used on the wheels to get into all the nooks and crannies. The entire area around the wheels, the headlights, and the brake calipers are then thoroughly cleaned out.

– Extra special precaution is then taken to clean the vehicle’s paintwork. A microfiber towel and washing mitts are used.

– Professional detailers will often use a paint sealant as a form of paint protection for your vehicle.

– The exterior of the vehicle and paint is then thoroughly cleaned and polished to perfection.

Why is Car Detailing Important?

There are many benefits of getting your car detailed. Here’s how car detailing can benefit your vehicle:

1. Extend the life of your vehicle.
It adds to the resale value of your car by helping your car maintain its good condition. With regular car detailing, you can extend the life of your car and you have the choice to keep your car longer or trade-in after a few years.

2. Protection for the car’s paint.
Car detailing protects your car’s paint. Your car is continuously exposed to harsh elements. With time the paint can begin to dull or fade. Things like bird droppings, direct sunlight, and pollutants contribute to the damaging of paint. Scratches and chips occur due to natural disasters. Car detailing, polish and wax will restore the paintwork to its original condition, as well as protect it from future damage.

3. A full expert cleaning service.
You receive customized service, unlike regular car washes that offer a one-size-fits-all routine. Professional detailers have expert techniques at their disposal from years of experience and training. They also make use of special tools to ensure that the vehicle is properly restored to its original condition. Detailers will make sure that every little stain is taken care of. From water sports to oxidation, your vehicle’s paint, vinyl, trim, wheels, and mirrors will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained to look as good as it was since day 1.

4. Decontamination.
We learned the importance of decontamination during the pandemic. Viruses are everyone. It is important to decontaminate the surface of your vehicle for the sake of everyone’s health. Auto detailing does this by cleaning every area that someone has touched. Any food or drink spills are properly taken care of. The professionals know which products to use to disinfect your vehicle without causing harm to the interior.

5. Allergy control.
Dust and pollen can settle on your car, contributing to sinuses and allergy symptoms. Auto detailing provides a full vacuum and cleaning service that gets rid of dust, fur, and pollen, helping those with sinuses and allergies to breathe better. It is advisable to get your vehicle auto-detailed before the start of pollen season.

Now that you know what to expect from a car detailing service, why not stop by for full and professional auto detailing from our experts? Give us a call for more information on our car detailing services in Cambridge today!