Tire maintenance Cambridge
Regular tire maintenance makes for safer driving and can prolong the life of your tires. With time, tires can break down, causing imbalances and wear and tear.

NOTE: You can bring your car anytime to our auto service shop in Cambridge if you are not sure how to service your tires or when to change your tires. Our professional and trustworthy licensed mechanics can help.

Taking care of your tires can save your life as well as those around you. Tires need to be regularly inspected to ensure longevity. Learn how to care for them here.

Rotating and Balancing

Balancing and rotating your set of tires is important to prevent tread wear and tear. Tire balancing and rotating should be done every 6 months or so, depending on the vehicle. You should contact your local dealer or experts in your area to find out when your tires should be rotated.

Tire rotation includes swapping the front wheels with the back vehicle’s tires. The front tires tend to wear out first so having your vehicle regularly inspected will ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are balanced.

Balancing your tires ensures that imbalances do not occur. It includes mounting each tire and inflating it with the tire pressure needed for the tire to function properly. Experts will use a special machine to do this. They will find and fix any imbalances for you and help you to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Adjusting the Air

Checking the air pressure of your tires can help you determine whether your tires are underinflated or overinflated. You need to regularly adjust the air in your tire to ensure that tires are inflated sufficiently for safe use. A local gas station can do this for you.

To add air to your tires, park your vehicle by the air hose so that all the tires reach the hose. Remove the caps from the tire value and use the gauge to check the air pressure. Make sure to add air in short bursts to ensure that your tires receive the correct air pressure. Check the pressure after each burst. If you are unsure about the recommended tire pressure, check with your car manufacturer or local auto service technicians.

Measuring the Tread

In time, the rubber of a tire starts to deteriorate. Measuring the thread count will help you to determine if the rubber is worn out. Measuring tread depth is important in keeping you safe and should be done regularly. A tread depth gauge is the best way to measure your tire tread accurately. You can find the gauge at a local auto store. You can use a coin such as a penny or quarter to also measure the tread if you don’t have a gauge on hand.

To measure the thread, stick the probe on the tire’s shallowest groove. Press the probe against the tread and read the measurement. A good tire tread reading is 6/32’ or higher. To use the coin method, place the coin on the shallowest groove of the tire to determine how much tread you have left. The coin method isn’t as accurate as using a tire gauge and depends on the size of the coin you use.

Inspecting Your Tires

A visible inspection of tires is done to determine if the tire is in good condition. Tires can have uneven tire wear, cracks, bulges, etc.- all of which can affect the driving conditions for the vehicle owner. Tire maintenance can be done at home but it is always best to leave it to the professionals who have years of experience and training to determine if your tires need to be replaced.

Tire inspection should be done regularly to ensure that your vehicle is safe for use. Try for every month or so. You need to ensure that nothing is impacting your tire’s ability to do its job properly, such as small punctures or a build-up of dirt. If you live in an area that has recently experienced bad weather conditions or you were in a recent accident, your tires should be inspected immediately for any sign of damage. The sooner you take care of your tire, the better. Even minor wear and tear can lead to more expensive issues down the road.

When you visit a professional auto service technician, you will receive a full visual inspection of your tires, tire tread, wheel alignment, etc. Don’t risk putting your loved ones at risk or further costs to your vehicle down the line – always consult a professional for tire maintenance and inspection.

Our tire maintenance services

It’s important to keep your tires in working order. To do this, you need to hire professionals. Issues that could arise if you do not use a professional include:

  • Complications to your vehicle’s tires
  • Inadequate air pressure due putting used on your tires
  • The use of stolen tires or cheap imitation is being used as a result of using non-certified garages.
  • Additional expenses as repairs will be needed down the line.

SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES in Cambridge have certified technicians that perform tire services on your car. The following services are provided:

  • Tire Rotation:

Your tires are regularly rotated to prevent them from becoming getting chipped away from driving. We help to increase your tires’ lifespan by rotating and balancing your tire weight over their daily usage.

  • Flat Tire Repairs:

We offer repairs on flat tires to prevent handling instability, and damage to your vehicle’s rims and wheels.

  • Tire Balance:

We provide a guarantee that your tires are properly balanced and evenly distributed to
enable the efficiency and safety of your tires. Our team checks for signs of damage, such as excess vibration, suspension damage, and wear and tear from daily usage.

  • Rims:

If your vehicle’s rims are run down and deformed, we will restore and help you to maintain them. Doing so will not only make your vehicle look good, but will also improve the vehicle’s performance.

At SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES, we are more than happy to give your vehicle’s tires a proper and expert check-up to ensure that you can drive safely. Drive-by or give us a call for full tire maintenance services in Cambridge for your vehicle, today!