Things to do before buying a used car SIA Cambridge

Buying a used car can be an excellent financial decision as they are reliable vehicles that have lasted the test of time. They are also offered at lower prices, saving you money in the long run. However, it is essential to evaluate your needs, budget, and car condition before you delve into the decision. Special Interest Automobiles premium used cars shop outlines the factors to consider while buying the perfect used car for your needs, which is affordable and safe.

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Determine your budget

When buying any car, new or used, it is imperative to set your budget, including the amount you are willing to spend on the vehicle initially, as well as the associated costs later. A general rule of thumb here is to not spend more than 20% of your income on the car. The related costs that must be included when setting a budget are:

  1.     Depreciation
  2.     Fuel
  3.     Insurance
  4.     Taxes
  5.     Licensing fees
  6.     Repair and maintenance  

Research the model

Picking the right make and model of the car is an essential factor in the buying process. You must evaluate your needs to make the right choice. For example, those living in the city may need a smaller hybrid vehicle that offers fuel efficiency and easy parking in tight spaces. On the other hand, those living in the countryside may prefer a large SUV that can transport the whole family on bumpy road trips.

Once you know which model you want, visit online valuation tools to compare prices across dealerships and locations. Some of these popular tools include:

  1.     Kelly Blue Book
  2.     Edmunds
  3.     Car and Driver
  4.     Consumer reports

Ask the right questions

Now that you have done your due diligence and found the right model you want to buy, there are still some important questions you must ask the seller. These will ensure you do not have any nasty shocks after the sale and enjoy trouble-free driving for years to come. Special Interest Automobiles has compiled a checklist of the essential questions to ask:

  1.     How old is the car?
  2.     What is the car’s mileage?
  3.     How long has the owner had the car?
  4.     How many previous owners has the car had?
  5.     What is the interior and exterior condition of the car?
  6.     Has the car been in any accidents?
  7.     Does the car have its maintenance and service records?
  8.     Are there any special features in the car?
  9.     Is the car under warranty?
  10. Can I have the car inspected by an independent mechanic?
  11. Does the owner have the title in hand? If so, what is the title?
  12. Were the previous owners’ smokers?
  13. Does the car still have the spare and jack?
  14. Is there a vehicle history report that I can view?
  15. Are there any parts missing?
  16. Could I test drive the car?


It is said that an average car drives about 20,000 km each year. So, when looking at a used car, divide the total number on the odometer by the car’s age, thereby understanding how much somebody drove on an average every year. It is important to remember that the higher the mileage, the more significant wear and tear it could have.

Whatever the mileage is, it is also essential to ask the seller if the car was predominantly driven on a highway or the city. A vehicle driven mainly on the highway road is likely to be in better condition than that driven in the city due to the constant braking.

Thus, buying a used car is great in the long run. But it is important to understand what you are getting into by doing thorough research and asking the right questions. Contact Special Interest Automobiles used cars dealership Cambridge if you are interested in buying a used car today!