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If you are a proud car owner who needs your vehicle to be in beautiful condition at all times, a quick detailer is an essential accessory to keep. Quick detailers are spray-on products specially formulated to remove dirt from your paintwork and add a layer of lubrication to prevent further contamination. They are no substitute for a car wash or complete, professional car detailing, but they are essential for maintaining your car’s appearance in between washes and waxings.

NOTE: You can bring your car anytime to our auto detailing shop in Cambridge if you need professional car cleaning services.

– Quick detailers: Why you should have one in your car

Quick detailers are great for wiping away grime quickly and easily. For example, what do you do when you have to deal with bird droppings on your paintwork – especially when you have just washed your car? They are hard to remove and can contaminate your car’s protective coating. When they dry, they get even harder to remove – you could scratch your paintwork in the attempt. With a quick detailer, you can remove these and similar stubborn contaminants with an easy spray and wipe. 

Quick detailers are ideal for cleaning dirt and contaminants off the paintwork, but they can also be used on windows and windshields. However, while they will do the job if you use them on your car’s glasswork, it is better to use a dedicated automotive glass cleaner. You should never try to use a quick detailer on wheels and tires. Generally speaking, detailers are made for paintwork only.

Quick detailers should not be confused with spray waxes. Spray waxes are designed to reinforce your existing wax layer, while quick detailers are meant to remove contaminants while adding a hydrophobic layer to help you keep your car clean.

To use a quick detailer, simply spray the formula onto the spot you want to clean or touch up, and then work it into the coating with a soft buffer cloth. It is an excellent idea to do this panel by panel and add a second coat if you want to boost the shine. Many car owners do this at car shows to add some extra gloss. 

It is important to note that quick detailers can sometimes cause scratches or swirl marks, primarily when used with soft paint or a user rubs too rigorously on one spot. It is best to work the product gently with smooth, even motions of the buffer cloth. Quick detailers always yield the best results when the car has just been detailed or waxed.

– The Importance Of A Quick Detailer

Quick detailers have been proven to be a versatile and dependable solution for car owners who want to maintain the showroom finish on their cars between visits to the detailing shop. They are easy to use and extremely effective. With a simple spray and wipe, you can remove contaminants from your car when they appear. Quick detailers are essential for conscientious car owners. By enabling you to remove dirt from your paintwork, they also help you get the most out of each wash or professional detailing.

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