Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Brakes Cambridge

Your brakes are among the most important components in your car when it comes to safety. It is vital that you regularly check the performance of your brakes, replace your pads every 20,000km or so, and have a mechanic check on other components such as callipers and discs. If you are not sure precisely when to change your brakes, rest assured that your vehicle will tell you.

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Several signs can alert you to the fact that your brakes are worn out. Look out for the following tells and take your car to an auto repair and service workshop as soon as you start to notice them.

Squeaking or Squealing Noise From Brakes

If you start to hear persistent squeaking or squealing from your brakes, take this as the first sign that your brake pads are due for a change. Even newer brakes will tend to squeak during wet weather conditions, but if you start to notice these sounds even when the weather is good, it is a pretty sure sign that your brake pads are on their way out.

Indicator Light Comes On

Some car models have an indicator light to tell you when your brakes need replacing. As soon as that light comes on, you need to take your car to a mechanic to look at the brakes. 

Vibrating Brake Pedal

If you start to feel a vibration in your brake pedal when you press it down, and your car seems to take slightly longer to slow down or come to a stop, this is a sure sign that your brakes need to be changed. A vibrating brake pedal is not normal, and you must have your brakes checked as a matter of urgency if this starts to happen.

Taking longer to stop

If you notice that your car takes longer to stop or slow down when you brake, it could be a sign that your brake pads are completely worn down. This loss of performance in your brakes is a major safety risk and could also be caused by other issues, such as low brake fluid levels or problems with other components in your braking system. If the problem is accompanied by any of the other tell-tale signs listed here, then you probably just need new brake pads. If your pads appear to be in good condition, then there is another problem. Either way, you should take your car to a mechanic urgently.

Grinding noises

Aside from squeaking and squealing, another audial indication of worn-out brakes is a deep grinding sound of metal against metal when you brake. On some brake pads, small metal ridges will be put into the bottom of the pad to make a loud noise and alert the driver that it’s time to replace them. The sound is unpleasant and unmistakable and should prompt you to immediately take your car to a mechanic or brake fitment centre.

Brake pads appear less than 7mm thick

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your brake pads, the best thing to do is to inspect them yourself. If you look between your wheels’ spokes, you can locate the rotor’s brake pads. If they appear less than 7mm thick, you must have them replaced immediately. 

Prolonging the life of your brakes

The best way to ensure that your brake pads last longer is to drive safely and avoid braking abruptly or stepping too hard on the brake pedal. Brake slowly and in a controlled manner to ensure that your brakes wear evenly and gradually. You should also have your tires rotated regularly, which extends the life of your tires and that of your brake pads.    

Looking out for these signs and acting on them promptly will help you stay safe on the roads and save money in the long run. Special Interest Automobiles is an auto service workshop in Cambridge, ON, and we provide a complete range of car services, from tire services and suspension services to detailing services and A/C repair services. We have been proudly, reliably serving Cambridge automobile owners since 1985. If you start to notice any of the signs listed above and believe it is time to change your brakes, bring your car to us as soon as possible. Contact us now!