Oil Change Car Service at Special Interest Automobiles Cambridge

Oil changes service in Cambridge:

Regularly maintaining your vehicle’s oil (by performing regular oil changes) is one of the most crucial things that must be done to ensure that your car will last longer.

It is something not done often by too many people on the road. How often you should change your car’s oil varies depending on how often you drive, what type of conditions you are driving in, and the type of automobile you own.
For these reasons, it’s most fitting to go to SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES in Cambridge, where one of our professional and experienced auto mechanics can assist and advise you on how often you should change your oil.

Our auto certified technicians will make sure also to check out your:

Oil Filter:
Your oil filter is essential to your engine. A working oil filter will keep your oil clean for longer periods; this will further help increase your engine’s lifespan.

Air Filter:
The air filter in your car provides clean air to the carburetion system. It being dirty or clogged may cause idling, on top of reduced gas mileage.

SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES technicians provide first-rate, extensive, and quick inspection of your vehicle. Regular inspection is a key component of vehicle health and maintenance.


Proper lubrication is such an essential part of a functioning vehicle. Since there are so many moving parts in an automobile, it needs to be adequately lubricated to run smoothly and efficiently. SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES can ensure that your car is lubed adequately while performing regular maintenance.

Transmission Filter:
We can make sure that your transmission filter does not become obstructed and clogged as that can block the fluid flow, which can further cause problems with your transmission and other shifting issues. For these reasons, it is important to get your transmission filter changed every once in a while.

When the weather gets colder, you will need antifreeze to help avoid your engine seizing. SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES will make sure that your vehicle has the correct amount of antifreeze.

Engine Coolant:
At the same time, your engine overheating can also lead to major complications. As such, we can make sure that your engine has the correct amount of coolant as well.

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