Model year versus manufacturing year SIA Cambridge
Buying a car is a huge financial decision. Whether it is a new or used car, there are several factors to consider for the best deal possible. Usually, these include the mileage, condition of the interior and exterior, engine wear and tear, and more. Sometimes, dealerships find it difficult to clear the older cars at their lot and may push customers to purchase them with lucrative offers and features. When a buyer acquires one of these cars that is badged as a new one, they experience maintenance and service issues in the long run. This is where the importance of the model year and manufacturing year comes in.

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However, there is much confusion regarding these terms as most buyers do not understand the difference between the two. Special Interest Automobiles premium used cars dealership gives you an insight into them and explains how they can help your sale.

Model year of a car

Simply put, the model year (also known as MY) of a car relates more to specification and less to the date/time the vehicle was manufactured. It relates to the model cycle that the car is a part of and not when it was built. Thus, it is normal to have a car that was manufactured in 2019 but with a MY2020 as it was upgraded with new features such as better engine transmission or modern trims.

Dealerships around the globe advertise ‘model-year-end clearance’ sales to attract customers to buy older model-year cars that have been stuck at the lot for a while.

The manufacture year of a car

Very often, it is essential to know when a car was manufactured, especially in times of service or sale. The manufacture year, thus, refers to the actual year when the car was built. This can be found in the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN that consists of the month and year of manufacture. It is located near the engine and is made up of up to 17 digits.

Why the model year and manufacture year are important

When buying a new or used car, it is imperative you find out the model year to understand its features in totality. Sometimes, unscrupulous dealerships claim that a vehicle is from a particular model year, but the truth is that it may be much older.

Smart buyers wait to buy a car at the end of the manufacturer’s model year as it can potentially lead to huge cost savings and a great bargain.

The manufacture date, on the other hand, gives you the option to choose the newest model on a dealership’s inventory. The newer models have been test-driven for less time and thus, not exposed to the elements of nature. Another reason to know the manufacture date is that dealerships look to sell their older models first. If a buyer is happy to buy an older car, they should also use this as leverage to get a much better price.

However, there may be certain pitfalls to buying a car that has an older manufacturing year too. These include:

Lower resale value

Wear and tear due to long-term storage

Older technology and features

Thus, it is important you always enquire about the model year and manufacture year before delving into a sale. Contact Special Interest Automobiles used cars shop in Cambridge, trusted auto service technicians in Ontario, for more information on your car’s model and manufacture year.