Improving Vehicle Inspection Experience SIA Cambridge

In order to keep up with advancing technology and elevate the trust we inspire in our clients, Special Interest Automobiles Cambridge is partnering with AutoServe1 in order to upgrade our vehicle inspection service.

NOTE: You can bring your car anytime to our auto service shop in Cambridge if you are not sure how to fix the problem. Our professional licensed mechanics can help.

Since not everybody who brings their car into an auto shop is an automotive expert, many people feel vulnerable and at a disadvantage when going to the mechanic. Our new vehicle inspection system, provided through AutoServe1, is designed to provide you with relevant and digestible information that empowers you to make educated, practical decisions about what repairs you want done to your vehicle.

Let us outline how the new process is going to work.

  1. As soon as your vehicle arrives at our shop, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We check the vehicle in, review your concerns, and advise you with a time to return in order to discuss the results of the inspection.
  2. After test driving your vehicle to assess it in action, we do a complementary 360 digital inspection. What does the digital inspection entail?

The 360⁰ digital inspection allows us to be extremely thorough when assessing your vehicle and relaying that information to you. It allows us to inspect all corners of your vehicle for signs of wear and tear, and provides pictures, videos, measurements (brake parts, tires, etc.) and even fluid quality data that we can draw upon when assessing the state of the car.

  1. Upon completion of the digital inspection, you will receive an email or text with a copy of your vehicle’s health report. In it we will note any recommended repairs, their urgency, and our cost estimates. In return, you can come in, text, or call us to approve which repairs you’d like performed- or simply to request more information. This gives you the opportunity to have more insight into the health of your car, as well as to feel comfortable with what work you are authorizing to be performed.
  2. Only once you have approved your desired repairs will we begin working on your vehicle. Only what you approved will be repaired- if any complications arise, you will be consulted and our estimate adjusted.
  3. When you vehicle is ready, you will receive a text or phone call to come pick it up.

And that’s it! It’s that easy. From start to finish, you are informed and in control of what happens to your vehicle. Through systems like this, miscommunications and fear can become a thing of the past, and auto shops can build trust with their existing and potential clients.

If you are looking to have your vehicle inspected or repaired, Special Interest Automobiles is the place to do it. Contact us today to book your Vehicle Inspection in Cambridge!