How to Wash a Car Properly Cambridge SIA Auto Sales

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Timmy who was fascinated by cars. One day, his father decided to teach him how to wash a car.

Learning how to properly wash a car has traditionally been seen as a rite of passage for many young people! It teaches responsibility, attention to detail, and the importance of taking care of something valuable. Additionally, the tradition has fostered deeper relationships between generations.

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If you would like to keep your vehicle looking its best, you are in the right place! Follow these cleaning tips from Timmy’s dad so that you can drive with pride in a freshly washed car.

First they went to the garage and got all the washing equipment they needed: a bucket, a hose, car shampoo, a wash mitt, and a few soft cloths. Next, Timmy’s father parked the vehicle in a shady spot.

“Why aren’t we in the sun?” asked Timmy? This was Dad’s reply:

  • When a car is washed in direct sunlight, the water droplets on the surface of the car dry quickly, leaving mineral deposits and other contaminants behind. These water spots are difficult to remove and can damage the paint surface over time.
  • Washing a car in a shady area, on the other hand, allows the water droplets to dry more slowly, giving you more time to wipe them off before they have a chance to leave any residue behind.

Timmy’s mother was also relieved that they wouldn’t get sunburned.

Then they used the water pressure from the hose nozzle to rinse away any loose dirt before working their way from the roof of the car downwards.

Use Mitts To Wash Your Car

Timmy was about to start scrubbing the car with one of his bristled brushes. Luckily his father stopped him in time and explained to him the benefit of using a wash mitt instead:

  • The microfiber, sheepskin, or chenille fibers in wash mitts are soft and absorbent, allowing them to hold onto dirt and grime without causing damage to the paint or other surfaces.
  • Because the mitt is designed to comfortably fit your hand, it allows for easy and effective cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, such as around mirrors, door handles, and emblems.
  • Moreover, a wash mitt can hold a large amount of soapy water and suds, which helps to lubricate the surface and reduce friction, further protecting the paint of the vehicle.
  • Mitts are machine washable – maintaining their effectiveness over time.

Use The Right Soap

Before Timmy could squirt his mother’s dishwashing liquid into the bucket of warm water, his dad showed him this table:

Quality car wash shampoo Washing detergent
Specifically formulated to be gentle on the paint, while still effectively removing grime. Harsh and abrasive.
pH-balanced to be compatible with the protective clear coat on the vehicle’s paint. Strips the car’s wax or sealant, dries out the rubber and plastic parts, and damages the paintwork.
Includes special ingredients like polymers and silicones that enhance the shine and protect the paint from UV rays, acid rains, and environmental pollutants. Leaves behind a residue that is difficult to remove and can dull the vehicle’s finish.
Contains water softeners that can help to prevent water spots from forming. Mom gets mad when it’s not in the kitchen!


The two-bucket method minimizes the amount of surface dirt that is redistributed onto the car during the washing process:

Dip a wash mitt into the soapy water bucket and use it to wash a section of the vehicle. Then, before re-dipping the mitt into the soapy water, you rinse it off in the fresh water bucket.

Remember To Dry Your Car Afterward

Yes, drying your car gets rid of swirl marks. But more importantly, moisture that seeps into crevices forms rust on the undercarriage and other metal parts. By drying the car thoroughly, you help to prevent rust – thereby extending its life.

Polish Your Wheels

Once you have used a wheel brush to clean them, restore the shine and lustre of your tires.

If you can relate to Timmy, his father, or his mother, but just don’t have the time or energy proper washing techniques require, then let us do the dirty work.

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