How to Pass your vehicle inspection Cambridge

Vehicle inspections are necessary in ensuring that every car on the road is suitable for driving in terms of its emissions as well as conforming to car regulations in the province. Special Interest Automotive auto mechanics from our Cambridge garage explain more.

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Why do you need a vehicle inspection?

The annual vehicle inspection can be compared to the annual physical examinations that most of us undergo. Given below are the main reasons why your vehicle needs a vehicle inspection:

Proper maintenance

At the outset, vehicle inspections are imperative to maintain the longevity and safety of your vehicle. Getting your car inspected by experts such as Special Interest Automobiles is also vital in diagnosing issues, if any. Thus, they can be useful in preventing maintenance issues in the future as well. Carrying out periodic vehicle inspections can ensure peace of mind, knowing that you do not have any short- or long-term vehicular issues. The inspection consists of testing of all components, mechanical and electrical, as well as the outer frame and structural integrity.

Regulatory requirements

Each province in Canada has its own set of regulations and rules, which must be followed strictly and getting your vehicle inspected by a professional, authorized dealership such as Special Interest Automobiles is key. For example, when buying a new or used vehicle in Ontario, the registration process can only be completed once it has undergone the vehicle inspection.

Emissions tests

An important aspect of driving a car in Canada is ensuring its roadworthiness and passing emissions tests. In several parts of Canada, failing to pass these emissions tests can result in the car being rejected to drive on the road or higher taxes.

Common reasons out of province vehicle inspections fail

When you purchase a vehicle in a province outside Ontario, you must apply for an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection, which will be carried out by authorized specialists. The main issues that Out of Province vehicles face are relatively simple to fix. These include:

Check engine light is on

If your check engine light is on, chances are you have no idea why! Contact Special Interest Automobiles to run a diagnostic test that can determine what the issue is. However, having your check engine light on will fail your vehicle at your Out of Province Vehicle Inspection.

Worn tires

Tires with little to no thread will not pass the Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Efficient and high-quality tires are also essential for a safer and better driving experience.

Brakes need replacing

This goes without saying but your brakes are some of the most important components of your vehicle. Having old brakes or worn out pads will make your vehicle fail the Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Contact Special Interest Automobiles to replace these immediately.

Cracks in the windshield

Having cracks or damage on your windshield will ensure your vehicle fails the inspection. Even though it is an expensive component to replace, you must do so to pass the inspection as well as enhance overall driving safety.

Burnt out lights

Did you know having a burnt out light can make your vehicle fail the inspection? Check your headlights, hazards and brake lights and replace them before sending the vehicle in for the inspection.


Malfunctioning wipers may seem like a minor issue but they are highly important as they ensure you have proper visibility of the road while driving. Tears, cracks or chips in the wipers may compromise your ability to drive and must be fixed immediately.
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