How to Maximize the Driving Range of Your Electric Vehicle

Driving Range is the most important factor in driving an electric vehicle. If you only drive short distances, the range limitations of your battery don’t matter as much, but long-distance driving can present a number of challenges. You don’t want to have to stop regularly and sit around while your battery recharges. Many drivers of electric vehicles ask how they can extend the range of their cars. The bad news is that no simple fix will add a few hundred kilometers to your battery. However, there are numerous ways of maximizing your range.

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How Can I Increase the Range of My Electric Car?

As we have already said, your battery’s range is what it is. There is no way of increasing this range and making the car capable of driving much greater distances without needing to charge. What you can do, however, is take a number of different actions to conserve your battery’s life and help it to last just a little bit longer, ensuring that you can get the maximum distance out of its current capacity. 

Tips to Get the Most Range Out of Your Electric Car

Many of the tips we can offer to help you maximize the range of your electric vehicle are similar to those we suggest to help save fuel on gas-powered cars. It comes down to conservative driving and treating your vehicle with care. Here are some of the top tips from our electric car experts:

  • Take it slow: The faster you go, the more power your vehicle needs to draw from the battery. Keeping a moderate, constant speed of about 90 km/h at the most, will help you to save power.
  • Use Eco Mode if your car has it: Many EV models have Eco Modes, which restrict power consumption to only the most essential functions. This mode will help you maintain a steady speed and reduce or temporarily stop functions such as heating. 
  • Drive smoothly: Besides maintaining a steady, relatively low speed, you should also remember to drive conservatively and smoothly. Break gently, and reduce and increase speed gradually.
  • Plan your route: Before leaving, choose the most efficient route to get you to your destination. Driving for long, uninterrupted stretches is far more efficient (and kinder to your battery) than frequent stops and starts. 
  • Take care of your tires: Make sure your tires are in good condition and well-maintained. Also, ensure that they are properly inflated. The wrong tire pressure can adversely affect your car’s range and performance.
  • Look after your battery: To maximize the range of your car, you need to follow good battery care principles. For example, use slower charging methods and keep your battery down completely. Keep the power levels between 20 and 80% 

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