How to Maximize the Range of Your Electric Vehicle

Increasing the range of electric cars (EVs) has been a critical concern for many owners as these vehicles gain popularity. Your electric car’s range can be increased, which not only makes driving more convenient but also cuts down on how often you have to charge it. In this post, we will look at some helpful advice and tactics to help you get the most out of your electric car, recommended by the SIA experienced auto mechanics in Cambridge.

How Can I Extend My Electric Car’s Range?

  • Driving Efficiency: Using driving efficiency can considerably extend the range of your electric vehicle. Maintain a constant speed, gradually accelerate and decelerate, and steer clear of abrupt acceleration or hard braking. You can reduce your energy use and extend the range of your EV by driving carefully.
  • Regenerative Braking: Use the regenerative braking feature, which is present in most electric vehicles. Using regenerative braking, the energy produced during acceleration and braking is captured and used to replenish the battery. You may recover energy and extend the range of your electric vehicle by performing regenerative braking efficiently.
  • Improve Tyre Pressure: Ensure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. The reduced range can be caused by underinflated tires, which increase rolling resistance. Check your tire pressure frequently and keep it at the specified levels for optimum performance.
  • Reduce Aerodynamic Drag: When not in use, take off extra roof racks, bike racks, or other attachments to reduce aerodynamic drag. Keeping your car lean can improve performance and help you get the most out of its range.
  • Control the climate: Heating and cooling can considerably impact your electric car’s range. Instead of entirely relying on air conditioning or heating, use seat heaters or open windows wherever practical. Without severely relying on battery power, preconditioning your electric vehicle while it’s still plugged in can also help to optimize the interior temperature.

How to Maximize the Range of Your Electric Vehicle

  • Research Charging Stations: Utilize the existing infrastructure for charging and plan your journeys accordingly. Use applications or websites that offer up-to-date details on the locations, suitability, and availability of charging stations. Range anxiety can be reduced by scheduling your journeys to include setting breaks, guaranteeing a smooth and continuous drive.
  • Use the Eco or Range-Enhancing Modes: Many electric vehicles provide a variety of driving settings, such as Eco or Range mode. These modes adjust the vehicle’s parameters and optimize power consumption to increase range. Try out each of these modes to see which best suits your driving style and extends the range of your EV.
  • Learn How to Read Energy Usage Displays: Keep track of and manage your energy usage by paying attention to your EV’s estimated range and energy usage. Learn how to read the energy usage display in your car, then modify your driving style accordingly. Making informed decisions to preserve energy and increase the range of your EV is possible by actively managing your energy usage.

How We Can Help You With Special Interest Automobile

At Special Interest Automobiles in Cambridge, we recognize how critical it is to extend your electric car’s range. Our team of skilled auto technicians specializes in maintaining electric vehicles, and they can give you the knowledge and assistance you need to maximize the performance of your EV. We can assist with routine maintenance, battery health checks, or advice on maximizing range.

Make an appointment for a consultation with us right away, and let our experts help you increase the efficiency and range of your electric vehicle. Experience the difference our committed service can make by putting your trust in Special Interest Automobiles for all your EV servicing requirements.