Fleet Maintenance and Repairs

Our fleet services provide extensive maintenance and repairs. Making a fleet stay in top condition is our top priority, and it is what fleet services are created to do best. A vehicle used for work runs all day long, every workday; that’s why we are here to help ensure everything is in working order. Staying on top of maintenance is the very best way to expand a vehicle’s lifespan and ensure it produces high-quality service. Businesses that need cars sometimes don’t have the time or staff to maintain a fleet in top condition. You won’t need to have mechanics on staff if you have a fleet services package provided by SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES.

Our fleet service professionals carry out regular inspections and tuneups, and they can also provide procedures that will help drivers keep their vehicles in top shape in between checkups. Different cars and different choices in maintenance could supply your business with better gas mileage per vehicle. We can also help you identify where you’re losing efficiency in your fleet and provide management to get performance metrics.

The best optimization step can be another leased vehicle or a tech upgrade. Fleet services are there to go over your fleet and pinpoint where improvements can be made.

Choosing the best vehicles for your fleet can be difficult.

There are countless makes and models to choose from, but a fleet services expert will know how to select the proper vehicle for all your business needs. An expert will know the difference between vehicles that are just for show and vehicles that give results. They know what type of seat you are going to need depending on the kind of job. They can point out which cars have better mileage in the city or out in rural areas. If you would like to build a new fleet or add to your existing one, SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES Cambridge is the place to go. Our fleet services experts will help you examine the needs of your business and choose the perfect vehicles for the job.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about fleet service in Cambridge or to get an estimate at 1100 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 7K8, Canada, or at +5196221162