Did you know your car needs engine shampoo? Yes, like humans and your much-loved dog when he rolled in the mud, vehicle engines also need shampoo. Fortunately, it is not a regular occurrence with engines unless you enjoy 4×4 and off-road driving trails. Do you drive in the city? The car engine only needs to be cleaned annually. What other reasons are there to clean a vehicle engine?

NOTE: You can bring your car anytime to our auto detailing shop in Cambridge if you need professional car cleaning services.

It Reduces Your Risk Of Expensive Repairs

Do you find it challenging to go on off-road adventures where mud sticks to the windscreen, drive on gravel roads and plough through water? Maybe you prefer snow-covered driving trails where you avoid washed-out boulders and drive over old bridges very slowly. Are you a city person, and the worst thing hitting your vehicle is the road salt used every winter?

Whatever activity you find exciting, cleaning your car engine can reduce the risk of expensive repairs. Besides washing away the mud from a 4×4 adventure, a good clean will highlight any oil or grease outside the engine. Since oil and grease accelerate the wear on plastic parts and rubber hoses, cleaning it off may save on future repairs, and a minor oil leak can be isolated and repaired before it becomes an expensive problem.

You Will Be Cleaner When Checking Your Car

Are you a car owner unafraid to open the car hood to check oil and water levels? Maybe you know how to inspect the accessory belts to pre-empt driving down the road accompanied by a screeching sound. You will be cleaner when checking your car after an engine shampoo.

Do you plan to sell your vehicle? Have you considered including an engine clean as preparation for the sale since you are doing a thorough detail anyway? The cosmetic appeal of a clean-looking engine creates the impression that the car was well-maintained throughout its lifetime. It could influence price negotiations and get you a higher price. The cost of an engine shampoo might be worth the effort.

It Can Help Your Car Run Smoother

Vehicle engines are designed to be robust and run for thousands of kilometres when professionally maintained. According to the Guinness World Records, one of the record holders for the highest vehicle mileage is American. At the time of the record, he drove his 1966 Volvo 1800S more than 3 million kilometres and even went from New York to Vancouver in one go.

Few vehicles will drive such distances, but you can help your car run smoothly for the next few thousand kilometres with an engine shampoo. It removes sludge, debris, dirt, and other grime buildup from the engine. A clean engine compartment will also make the car look newer and well-maintained. Combine it with comprehensive auto service, and you might have a chance at a world record.

Get A Professional To Do It

There are many articles on how to wash a car engine, but getting a professional is safer. You could accidentally expose electrical components, sensors, and other sensitive engine parts to water or pull a wire but don’t know how to repair it. Unfortunately, it could lead to costly repairs and is not worth the money saved. Special Interest Automobiles Cambridge are auto service professionals with the best engine cleaning products. We offer various reasonably priced detailing packages, headlight restoration and an engine shampoo service. Let us take care of the engine detailing while you take care of your loved ones, especially the mud-covered dog.

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