Benefits Of Using High-Mileage Oil SIA Auto Service Cambridge

If your car’s odometer reads more than 75,000 miles, you should consider switching to high-mileage oil at your next oil change.

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One of the most important things you can do for your car is to use high-mileage oil. When you use high-mileage oil, it helps to improve the performance of your engine and can help to reduce wear and tear on your car’s engine over time. It can also extend the life of your car and can, reduce emissions from your car and help you avoid problems with smoke and soot.

Top Benefits of High Mileage Oil

Here are some of the benefits of using high-mileage oil:
Efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of using high-mileage oil is that it will increase efficiency in your vehicle. This means it will keep the engine working at peak efficiency by lubricating all the moving parts of the engine and ensuring that the fuel being burned is being combusted properly. It will also help to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions by reducing friction within the engine.
Lower Emissions: Another one of the main benefits of using high-mileage oil is that it will help reduce emissions from your vehicle. One of the main sources of emissions in a vehicle is the exhaust system. By reducing the amount of combustion that takes place in your engine when you are using the wrong type of oil, you will reduce the number of emissions that your car produces.
Better Performance: Another benefit of using high-mileage oil is that it will improve performance in your vehicle. By using the right type of oil for your vehicle, you will ensure that your vehicle runs smoother and has better performance overall. The right oil will lubricate the engine properly and always operate at peak efficiency.

Why High Mileage Oil?

Using high-mileage oil in an older car can be compared with putting lotion on dry skin. High mileage oil benefits cracked, and brittle engine pieces and will add flexibility to the needed parts.
The seal conditioners found in some high-mileage motor oils can help reduce or even eliminate small leaks and seepage. It does this by rejuvenating seals to their original form and condition. However, cars that leak combustion gases between a piston and the cylinder wall into the crankcase or have experienced more severe damage like power loss, cylinder slap, and similar problems will not be aided by using high mileage oil. Mechanical failures require more serious repairs.
Even if your car is not showing signs of engine wear or oil problems, it’s your choice whether you want to invest in high mileage. High mileage oil can only benefit your car and may help prevent leaks.

When to Use High-Mileage Oil

For high-usage vehicles, like cars or trucks used for commercial purposes or those used in harsh environments, it’s often recommended to switch to a high-mileage oil to help extend the life and performance of the engine and car in general. Using the wrong type of oil can often do more harm than good as it can cause extensive damage to the engine and lead to expensive repairs down the road. For example, many vehicles require synthetic oil, or high-ratio oil, to keep the engine running smoothly and reduce wear and tear over an extended period.
When you schedule your next oil change in Cambridge, Ontario, Waterloo, Ontario, or Kitchener, Ontario, ask our expert mechanics about high mileage oil, synthetic oil and the best possible oil for your vehicle, driving conditions and specific needs.
If you are ready for your scheduled oil change in Cambridge, Waterloo, or Kitchener, Ontario, consider treating your vehicle to high-mileage oil.