6 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair Auto Service Cambridge

Your car’s suspension is essential for a safe, smooth ride. Over time, your suspension system will go through a lot of wear and tear, making repairs and replacements unavoidable. How do you know when it is time for the car to undergo some suspension repair?

NOTE: Our auto service shop in Cambridge Ontario is prepared to assist with auto suspension service and repair services, provided by our experienced, professional and certified auto mechanics.

Look out for these six signs:

– Car Dips Forward Whenever You Brake

If your car tends to lunge forward whenever you come to a stop, it is a certain sign that your suspension needs work. Be careful with this one, however. Your car will always dip forward slightly, even when the suspension is in good shape. It is a simple matter of inertia. However, if the lunging becomes especially pronounced and you feel like your car is nosediving, you probably need new shock absorbers.

– Drifting when turning

One of the main tasks of your suspension system is to keep the car stable, whether you are driving on a straight road, braking, or taking a sharp corner. Turning smoothly and safely requires a lot of control and stability. If you feel like your car starts to drift whenever you take a corner, you need to get the suspension looked at. If you don’t, you could experience a total loss of control at some point in the future, leading to an accident.

– Troubles with the tire wear

There are several reasons for tires to wear out unevenly. If you notice uneven wear on your tires, it could be that you haven’t rotated them, for example, or it could be a problem with your steering system. Tires wear out differently depending on where they are located on your car, so a discrepancy in wear patterns is quite normal (but this is also the reason why they need to be rotated annually).
On the other hand, uneven wear patterns could also result from the faulty suspension. Take the car to a mechanic who can diagnose the problem accurately.

– One side of your car is lower than the others

If there is a problem with your suspension, you may notice that one corner of your car sits lower than the others. This symptom is an indication that the shocks are worn out on that side of the car. Aside from making for an uncomfortable ride, this will accelerate wear on that side of the car, as well as on the other four corners.

– Bouncing

Your vehicle will normally bounce when going over a speed bump or some other obstacle on the road. While this is completely normal, take note of the severity and duration of the bounce. If it feels too rough and continues for a few seconds after you have passed the obstacle, there may be a problem with your shocks.

– Oily shocks and struts

If you start to feel that something may be wrong with your suspension, try a visual inspection. If you notice a lot of oil on your shocks, struts and dampers, there may an oil leak in your system. The best thing to do is replace these parts.

It can be tempting to ignore suspension problems. At first, they might present nothing more than a slight decrease in driving comfort. However, if you leave them for long enough, the problems will worsen and can cause serious damage and reduced driving safety later on. It is best to take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you notice the problem. Special Interest Automobiles is an auto service workshop in Cambridge, ON, and we provide a complete range of auto repair services, from tire services and suspension services to detailing services and A/C repair services. We have been proudly, reliably serving Cambridge automobile owners since 1985. If your car is showing any of these signs that it is in need of suspension repair, it is best not to delay. Bring your vehicle and let the experts take care of it. Contact us now.