4 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can't Afford to Neglect

Cars need regular maintenance to continue running as they should and maintain value. Everyone knows that if you want to avoid costly repairs, breakdowns, and accidents and – in the long term – maximize the resale value of your car, you need to stick to your vehicle’s service schedule. However, if you want to keep your car in top condition and safe to drive, you may also need to invest in regular inspections between services.

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Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is important for more than simply keeping your vehicle in prime condition for as long as possible. Other important reasons for regular car maintenance include:

  • Warranties: You need a record of recommended car inspections to keep warranties.
  • Safety: Cars not inspected regularly are more likely to be involved in accidents and require costly auto repair. Tire and brake inspections are paramount for driver and road safety.
  • Breakdowns and inconveniences: Cars that do not benefit from regular maintenance and inspections are far more likely to suffer breakdowns.
  • Insurance: Regular inspections are often required for insurance purposes.
  • Fuel efficiency: Car servicing maximizes your vehicle’s handling, engine, and fuel efficiency.

From tire and brake inspections to oil changes and booking regular vehicle inspections – these are the four car maintenance tasks you cannot afford to neglect.

Tire Maintenance

Regular tire inspections and maintenance help to ensure your vehicle’s tires stay in good condition and are replaced before they become unsafe. They also help to ensure your vehicle is correctly aligned, optimizing handling, safety, and fuel consumption. Tire inspections and maintenance involve:

  • Tire pressure checks: underinflated or overinflated tires affect handling and fuel efficiency. Tires that are not kept at the correct pressure also wear out faster.
  • Vehicle alignment adjustments: vehicles tend to lose proper alignment during the course of use. This can lead to accelerated and uneven wear and tear on tires.
  • Tire rotations: Tires wear out naturally. Rotating tires helps to ensure even and predictable wear and tear.
  • Inspections for wear and tear: Tires should be checked regularly – as per how much the vehicle is used and the roads it is driven on.

Oil Changes for Engine Tune Up

Vehicle oil changes involve draining the old engine oil from the vehicle and replacing it with fresh, clean oil and a new oil filter if needed. Regular oil changes keep your vehicle’s engine lubricated correctly and help keep it free of contaminants. This is crucial to maintain your engine in good working condition over the long term, prolonging the life and value of the vehicle. Regular oil changes will prevent friction damage and the blockages and breakages that can be caused by old, dirty oil, as well as overheating. Oil changes are also crucial for optimal fuel efficiency.

Brake Inspections and Brake Services

Brake inspections involve car mechanics thoroughly examining your vehicle’s brake system for damage and wear and tear. This includes:

  • Inspecting the brake pads, rotors, callipers, and other brake components.
  • Checking brake fluid levels and checking for contamination of the brake fluid.
  • Changing brake pads or replacing other components as per manufacturers’ recommendations or as per the vehicle’s use and the road conditions it faces. Ideally, replacements should be made before there is a major risk of brake failure.

Brake inspections are also essential for vehicle safety. Faulty brakes and worn brake pads can easily lead to serious accidents.

Regular brake inspections also prevent costly repairs and possibly the replacement of the entire brake system. Brake component replacement is an essential part of brake system maintenance, increasing the overall lifespan of your vehicle’s brake system and maximizing safety.

Book an Inspection with Full Service Automotive Technicians

Book an inspection for your vehicle’s tires, oil, and brakes, or for any one of those auto maintenance services. Ideally, you should book inspections at a full-service automotive center equipped with the accredited expertise you need for all inspections, maintenance, and auto repairs.

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