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ON N1R 7K8, Canada
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Your trusty auto service technicians
and premium used car sales since 1985

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The SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES Cambridge family welcomes you to the automotive community. We are a Cambridge-based retail shop but we have also serviced clients from the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Are you looking for maintenance tune-ups, fleet services, AC Diagnostics & Repairs, oil change, tires services, suspension services or perhaps just an inspection? If you’re thinking yes then why not come on by or give us a call?

We are more than happy to give your vehicle a check-up and we love making sure that everyone is able to drive safe.

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Welcome to Special Interest Automobiles Cambridge Ontario

SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOMOBILES wants to welcome you to our automobile service and premium used car sales. What we do at our Cambridge-based locations is offer a wide variety of services such as fleet services, tire services, suspension services, and oil changes on top...

What you need to know about oil leaks

While pulling your car out of the driveway, you may notice a blemish of oil that was not there before. Usually, drivers brush these away as being ‘just a little spot.’ However, ignoring oil leaks, especially for a more extended period, can lead to catastrophic engine...